You Can 3D Print a Robot

This 3D printing video was interesting:

This 3D-printed, open source robot is the future of the 21st century, according to Intel’s futurist Brian David Johnson. The fully customizable bot will be so easy to build, any tech-literate high schooler could do it, Johnson claims. Just don’t ask it to clean your floors.

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Avid technologist with a passion for 3D printing, RepRap, and robots of all types and sizes.

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  1. MovieMaker says:

    You have a really cool looking project. That being said, to me , it is just no more than a Barbie doll. It NEEDS to have a thick neck and thick joints where wires can pass through to have servos mounted, or motors, or muscle wires, and more. There is not enough space. A robot only becomes a robot when it thinks for itself. If it is being controlled by a human through a joystick, it is not a robot yet. It is a remote RC controlled toy. It needs to have room for the actuators what ever kind.
    Not trying to be rude, just stating my 2 cents.

  2. MovieMaker says:

    You Could put an Exo-skelton on him, but that would destroy his looks.

  3. MovieMaker says:

    The only true robot you had in this project was the 3D printer.

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