Slic3r 0.9.8 v. KISSlicer

This 3D printing video was interesting:

Slic3r 0.9.8 v. KISSlicer

I’ve spent most of my day printing “real” parts. So far, I haven’t done any cutsie stuff, although my daughter wants an owl.

I ran three of the same parts using Slic3r and three with KISS. The surface finish on the Slic3r parts was about the same as I’ve seen before. The silver Protoparadigm PLA really shows the defects. I wanted to try to pin down what was giving me the ribbing as well as tweak the settings so I can run a bunch of these.

After seeing Slic3r crash the supports and mess up the finish with its poor tool paths, I decided to try KISSlicer. I bought a license anyway and needed to give it a spin.

First off, KISSlicer references gcode position from the center of the build area. It ground my x and y carriages into their ends a number of times before I figured out what was going on. The default 500 mm/s speed also creates quite a racket.

In the end, I found KISS to be superior for my parts. A link to the stl file used is at:,

You can find my KISS initialization zip file at:

I hope that everyone can support these slicer and interface tools with a financial contribution or a license purchase. It is great to see this kind of skill put to use. I’ve contributed to Slic3r as well my KISSPro license. A new KISS release will be coming out in a few days.




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  1. Zoosman says:

    Hi, first of all, thank you for this grate explanation.

    I personally bought a KISSlicer few month ago, and I love this tool. But I never got a quality even close to yours.

    I really want to get your configurations, but, the link that you provided does not work for me.Can you please send me the zip file (with your config) to an email: I will be more that happy.
    Thank you and BR.

    • 3DPrinter says:

      The video was from YouTube, so I don’t have all the details or files. You should contact the video creator directly for more information.

      That being said, I like KISSlicer a lot and use it all the time. I have found that no matter what slicer you use, to get the best performance you really need to calibrate your 3D printer with whatever filament you intend to use. Often different filaments from the same manufacturer will have varying performance characteristics, especially if you need good surface finish.

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