Using MakerWare Software with Older Makerbot Printers (Video)


It didn’t take long for Josef Prusa to figure out how to hack the new MakerWare software from MakerBot so that it could be used with earlier Makerbot printers like the Cupcake and Thing-o-matic.

Surprisingly, Makerbot didn’t provide this functionality, at least not with the initial release of MakerWare. They seem to have left their original users and supporters in the lurch, which is disappointing since it was those early adopters that through their purchases of MakerBot’s original products provided the capital and publicity that got the company off the ground. Hopefully they will quickly fix this oversight.

In the meantime, Prusa, the creator of the extremely popular Prusa Mendel open source 3D printing platform, analysed the MakerWare configuration and provides more than enough information and insight to get you going:

Personally, I will attempt modifying the configuration to see if it’s possible to use the MakerWare Miracle Grue slicing software with my non-MakerBot printer. 

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